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Beauty, Holistic & ComplementaryTherapies for Body, Mind and Soul
Please Note - All times are approximate

Cancellation & Booking Policy
We have a team of 12 carefully selected, insured, self-employed therapists.  To ensure a fair working practice for them we kindly ask for at least 24 hours cancellation notice or a fee will be charged.  "No Shows" will also be charged.  If you are wishing to change the nature of your booking, please give us 24 hours notice.
Deposits may be requested for larger bookings and group bookings.
Thank you for helping us to ensure the continuation of this small
but fabulous business.
Jo Rea - Salon Owner

Face Treatments

Rejuvenate, refresh & relax your skin with a cleansing facial, or energise it with a
Gua Sha stone facial massage.....
Express Facial - £18
Cleanse, exfoiliate, mask and moisturise - 30 mins

Essential Facial - £25
Cleanse, exfoiliate, facial massage, mask, tone and moisturise - 50 mins
Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial - £36
Ideal for mature skin, dry, oily or sensitive skin types - 55 mins

MicroDermabrasion - from £26
Deep cleansing, exfoliating, helps improve skin texture - from 30 mins

CryoPen - from £40
A safe and virtually pain free way to remove skin imperfections such as skin tags, verrucas, warts and age spots by freezing the target area

Gua Sha Stone Facial Massage - £20  30 mins
An energising treatment to reduce fine lines, improve circulation and leaves skin glowing. Uses acupressure and a natural Gua Sha Stone.

Define, shape and tint your brows or make your eyelashes appear longer and darker through tinting
Shapes & Tints

Eyebrow Shape - £7
Eyebrow Tint - £7
Eyebrow Shape & Tint - £12

Eyelash Tint - £10

A patch test for tinting will be required between 24/48 hours prior to treatment - No under 16's

Hand & FeetTreatments
For hard working hands and feet or simply for pleasure....
Shape and polish - £10
Full Manicure - £20
Shape, cuticle trim, hand soak,  hand massage and polish
French Polish 
add extra £5 to any of the above
Shellac & Gelish - no under 16's
Mini -Manicure - £22
Full Manicure - £30
Jessica Nail Treatment
Prescriptive Manicure - £25 
Effective for weak, brittle, ridged nails
Nail Shape, cuticle work, Jessica Polish

Paraffin Wax Conditioning Therapy
add an extra £5 to manicures and pedicures and enjoy the softest of skin
Shape and Polish - £10
Full Pedicure - £25
Shape, cuticle trim, foot spa, hard skin file, foot massage and polish
Full Manicure and Pedicure - £43
Shellac & Gelish - no under 16's
Mini-Pedicure - £24
Full Pedicure - £35
Foot Care - £10
Toe Nail Cut and Shape
Callus Removal - £18
An effective way to remove hard, cracked skin, especially good for the heels, includes a foot soak and foot massage
Holistic Therapies & Energy Medicine
To relax, balance, release and improve
Energy Medicine & EFT - £40
Using a combination of Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique, the practitioner works with the clients own energy system to allow the body to heal itself.  These practices can help with anxiety, re-balance hormones, addictions, unpleasant memories, boost vitality and bring about calm and positivity - Suitable for children & adults - 1 hour

AromaTherapy Massage  - £40
Using 8 Essential Oils along the Meridian & Reflexology points of the back, feet & hands to promote deep relaxation, decrease pain & inflammation & elevate mood. Can be beneficial for diabetes, cancer patients, arthritis, carpel tunnel, MS, cardiovascular & pulmonary disease - 1 hour

Flower Essences & Remedies - £30
Completely natural and non-addictive remedies for you, your children and even your pets.
60 minute initial consultation including bespoke remedy mixture to aid with anxieties, difficult times and negative emotions.
Reiki - £20
A Japanese form of natural healing and relaxation which encourages the body to find balance and harmony - 30 mins
Hopi Ear Candles - £30
Healing herbal vapurs help soothe and stimulate the ear, soften wax and relieve pressure which is especially beneficial before flights, includes a facial massage 
1 hour - no under 16's
Psychic Healing - £40
A complementary therapy which can help with a wide range of emotional and physical conditions - 1 hour - no under 16's

Reflexology - £30
An ancient form of natural healing using the meridians of the feet to rebalance and soothe - 50 mins

Body Treatments
Relax or invigorate, relieve tension and help ease pain and injuries
Full Body - £33 - 1 hour
Helps to soothe away tensions or invigorate the body, pressure to suit
Back and Neck - £20 - 30 mins
With Exfoliating Scrub - £25

Back Facial - £18 - 30 mins
Cleanse, tone, massage, exfoliation

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
£25 - 30 mins, £40 - 60 mins
(to improve circulation of the lymphatic system)
Indian Head Massage - £20
A wonderfully relaxing treatment to help relieve stresses and tension in the face, head, neck and shoulders - 30 mins

Hot Stone Massage
Luxury Spa with the soothing heat of Hot Stones to provide deeper relief from muscle stiffness, improves circulation & promotes deep relaxation
Back - £25 – 30 mins
Full Body - £40 – 60 mins
Sports Massage 
1 hour - £38
30 mins - £25
Remedial massage, relieves muscle ache, joint pain, back problems and sports injuries
Shiatsu - £35
Originating in Japan, the Therapist uses touch, comfortable pressure and manipulation to adjust and support the body to heal and balance itself - approx 1 hour

Acupressure - £35
Originating in China, finger pressure is used on the body's meridian points to promote relaxation and wellness - approx 1 hour

Temper-Mandibular Reset - £35
The TM joint influences the whole body, this therapy helps unlock tensions in the jaw, especially helpful for those that clench their teeth - approx 1hour

Cranio-Sacral Therapy - £35
A profound yet gentle process which grew from Osteopathy, the therapists uses a light touch to help relieve the body from both physical and psychological imbalance. Beneficial for aches and pains to chronic health issues - approx 1 hour

Hair Removal
Enjoy the softness of hair free, smooth skin
Using warm wax to effectively remove hair
Full leg - £22
1/2 leg - £13
Top 1/2 leg - £18
Underarms - £7
Back or Chest - from £12
Back and Chest - from £22
Eyebrows - £7
Forearms - £10
Lip - £5
Chin - £5
Lip and Chin - £9.50
Facial Waxing - £15
Bikini Line - from £8 *
Bikini Line Plus - £11
Brazilian - £16

An effective form of hair removal using high frequency diathermy.  A consultation prior to treatment is necessary, consultation is free - treatment from £13
* Age restrictions apply, plone please phone the salon for further details

For a pre-holiday glow or for a special occasion, chose a Sienna X spray tan
Spray Tan
Sienna X Spray Tanning
Full Body - £20
Legs only - £15
Patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to Spray Tanning Treatment
No under 18's


Automatic Writing - £40
Channelling spirit guides to help provide guidance for the path ahead, handwritten for you to take home.

Flower Essence & Remedies - £30
Person centred consultation to reflect on how your emotional state is effecting your life with a prescribed remedy to aid your body's natural healing process.
Consultation and prescribed remedy – 1 hour

Treatment Packages
Treat someone special or indulge yourself
De-Stress & Well-Being Package - £45 – 90 mins
(Black Pearl Sanctuary and Gua Sha Facial Massage. A powerful relaxing and sedating effect to reduce anxiety, help with depression, motivate self and alleviate aches and pains with a Gua Sha Facial Massage)

Waxing Package - £40
Full leg wax, bikini, under arm and eyebrows
Ideal package before a holiday
Relaxing Package - £35
Express Facial and Back Massage
Float away with an hour of relaxation
Top to Toe Mini Spa - £35
Mini manicure, mini pedicure and an express facial
A real treat from top to toe for those special occasions or simply because you deserve it

Gift Vouchers Available
Our popular gift vouchers make the ideal present for someone who wouldn't usually treat themsleves. Select a specific treatment or for an amount so they can chose for themselves.
The Village Retreat Privacy Policy

To be able to carry out your treatments effectively and correctly, we need to obtain some information from you.  All new clients will be asked to fill out a consultation card prior to any treatment.  You will be requested to provide basic personal details including medical conditions that may affect your treatment or for the purpose of first aid.  This information will be stored at the salon only. This information will only ever be shared with the therapists of The Village Retreat; will never be shared to third parties unless in cases of emergencies.  Your consent will need to be obtained for e-mail marketing which will be solely from The Village Retreat and never passed on to third parties. You can have access to your client cards, you have the right to ammend them, the right to chose how you are contacted and you have the right to have your details destroyed.

Thank you - Jo Rea, Salon Owner